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Symbols by The-Stroy
For now this is only symbols of nations in setting.
List of techs that are I use in Spacepunk! universe with data about them.

FTL Drive - Wide known, wide use and common tech.

FTL Communication - Wide known, wide use and common tech.

Gravity modification/negative gravity - Wide known, wide use and common tech.

Medical nanomachines - Wide known, wide use and common tech.

Production nanomachines - Wide known but costly.

Weaponized nanomachines - Known, but not so common as they are too dangerous for user and too costly

Energetic weapons - Wide known, wide use and common tech.

Genetic Engineering - Wide known, wide use and common tech.

Programmed Mutation Virus (change of genetics of alive creature) - Known, but not so common as they are
too dangerous for user and too costly. Only Metaswarm use them in more common fasion.

Cyborgization - Wide known, wide use and common tech, however partially shun as common tech of Metaswarm.

Artifical Womb - Known but seen as Metaswarm tech, so avoided by almost everyone else (maybe exept Heart Sindicate)

AI - Known. There are some colonies with AI inhabitants - but cost of building new ones are too big.

Energetic shields - Low energetic "laser deflectors" are quite common, shield capable of stopping bullet or other material object are more costly and rare. Also big shields will use much more energy.

Terraformation - Wide known in slow, taking years or more version. People still hunt for even parts of Terraforming Ships that was capable of doing such in matter of days.

Invisibility/Visual Masking - Wide known in small version (vechicle or person masking). Masking bigger objects are too costly and needs more energy.
List of techs that are known in Spacepunk! universe. 
I will add more over time.
Terraforming Ships was great cooperation of Earth and First Colonies. This immense spaceships-habitats has one reason - find people of crowded and polluted planet Earth, new homes among stars. They was build by long, long years and take from thousands to even millions of habitants. Of course - that was not only ships that leave Earth durring Great Exodus. But those was flagships of interstellar armadas and phillars for future societes in colonies.

Those spaceships was gigantic, hiper-avenced machines, capable to terraform hundreds planets, build colonies and even modificate habitants to become more adapted to new homes. With out-space drives and gravi-push tech they was abble to fly across many stars in speeds many higher than speed of light.

Nowadays those ships are destroyed and their scraps scattered along all colonies. However - equpitment. Especially working equpiment is worth any money. Terraforming devices, fast gene-modifing viruses, nano-robots, heavy-duty gravi-strings and much more. Of course most of this tech was reproduced later, sometimes with even better results, but people still looks for originals.


Build by EU and it's colonies. Liberal-democratic govt on board - standard European democracy. It take members of most of European nations on board. This was quite rich and sophisticated group, but not without some problems. It was destroyed by Chinese hackers 184 years after start.

NASA, it's co-workers and colonies buildied it for US citzens. Simmilar to european one but with some american specialities. General say of big corporations that co-funded it. It was destroyed in battle with Meta-Swarm 237 years after start.

Da-Si-Kai (Great Sky):
Chinese project. One of biggest by number of passengers. Was effort to reduce overpopulation in China and make them more dominating in colonial business. Controlled by Chinese Communist Party. Capitalist-communist in Chinese style. Later was abordaged by "Daughter of Russia" terraforming ship and severly damaged, become decomissioned 213 years after start.

Doch' Rossii (Daughter of Russia)
This Terraforming Ship was point of prestige. Russia was building it on edge of bankrupt and with great stretch of strenght and resources. Also it was longest builded one. Compared to other - quite technological low. Governed with mix of autocracy, oligarhy, military rule and traditional corruption, masked as "democracy" - what is bassicaly what Russian politics was. It get damaged two times. In first battle with Da-Si-Kai it get minor problems with drives, after second battle with rebelled TRISS it get leak of reactors, get contaminated. Finnaly all possible equipment was removed from it and radiated scrap was thrown into "Red Star" 256 years after start.

New Hope
Some people call it "Noble Experiment", others "Big Mistake" and yet another: "Pandora box". It was idea of UN and other international organizations that was dealing with third world problems. They get idea that they could move people from overcrowded third-world states to new rich colonies, where they will find space, food, health and happy life. Of course. Happy vision. Right? Not quite - imagine people from all over Africa, Asia and South America, with all their problems, terrorism and crime put into one isolated spaceship. To deal with that UN placed military command and their rule over that. To prevent turining this into totalitarian spaceship they create council of representatives of nations there. Of course some time after start they started fight one another. It end with revolt. Fight on deck. It was looted. Parts of it becomes foudation of habitats of Four Cards Sindicate. Rest become ring around star Ahantera 145 years after start.

TRISS (Terraforming & Reserch Internatonal Space Ship)
Another international project. Instead of beeing colonization habitat, it was more research and terraformation oriented ship. Full of scientists and engineers has mission to do science. They create smaller number of colonies than other ships, but those was most technological advenced. They had best and ultra-hi-tech equpiment and cutting-edge technologies on board. This immence power, not only in scientific meaning, was temptation of playing god. In effect some of scientists start to preform quite illegal and morally questionable experiments in secret. After some time it was found of. End in coup on board. Captain and many members run away from ship. New command become origin of Meta-Swarm. It become flagship of them and was hunted by all forces as threat. It was damaged in battles by "Spacebuldier" and "Daughter of Russia", become paritally abdoned, later destroyed by combined forces of Empire, C.U. and F.F.C. - 284 years after start.
Terraforming Ships
Some Info about past.
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